Sunday, 19 June 2011

First Coaching Session - Done

Back in May myself and another couple of riders from North Cheshire Clarion undertook Level 2 coaching course to set up the North Cheshire Clarion Kids Club through the British Cycling Go Ride initiative. Yesterday we took what we knew and applied it to our first ever Road Skills Session for adults. 

The sessions were around helping to develop riders confidence in following a wheel and rider close to each other, similar to what happens on club rides.  At the start of the session I was really nervous as I hadn't coached before and 25 members turned up.  We took our groups through three different training sessions before we brought everyone together for the first North Cheshire Clarion elimination Team Pursuit.  Seeing how the riders were pushing themselves and using the skills they learned was a very proud moment for me and I know the other guys felt the same.

Time to push on and get the Kids Club up and running .  We launch on the 2nd July and info can be found on the website or by emailing

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