Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wahoo my legs are awesome

Never ever under estimate the power of winter training and the effect it has on your legs.  I have ridden in some horrendous conditions on my mountain bike through this winter including very deep mud, very wet grass, very windy climbs and very very wet rides.  All these miles have transferred over to helping me on my road bike. 

I went out tonight with two guys from North Cheshire Clarion on what was supposed to be a shortish ride and ended up being 28 miles.  The weather was windy but my legs felt amazing and I took some big pulls on the front especially on some of the climbs.  On the way back in myself and one of my mates tried to sustain the maximum speed we could for the longest period of time.  I managed to turn 26mph for a good mile.  I really need to be able to sustain this for longer periods of time if I manage to achieve one of my goals for time trailing this year.

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  1. Well done! I ride with a few guys that are primarily mountain bikers and they transition well into road biking.