Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Another Week Another Pound

Well weigh in was on Monday and I am really happy to have lost another pound.  This has taken me from 16st 4lbs to 15st 10lbs.  A few statistics for the past 5 weeks since I started to lose weight:

Total percentage weight loss = 4.5%
Loss over 3 weeks = 8 pounds

Really made up with this as up until tonight I had managed to avoid take-away food.  I played Badminton tonight with the wife and because neither of us were up for cooking we grabbed a Chinese.  Normally, I love Chinese food and i'm not going to lie the first few mouthfuls were delicious but as I went through it my mind went through what I have had to do over the past few weeks to lose a few pounds and my appetite was going. 

I feel that I miss vegetables after two nights without them and for that's a big shock.  Tomorrow I am going back to my normal diet of meat and veg and to be honest I cant wait.

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