Sunday, 27 February 2011

Can anyone smell cow Sh*t

Hi all I'm back I have had few I.T issues and a new power lead has brought me back to world wide web.  Today's ride saw four brave souls take to the Clwyd mountain range and boy was it a good one.  Starting at Moel Famu car park we climbed and we climbed oooo and we climbed a bit more.  As most people in the North will have realised it has been a little bit on the damp side (OK its been pis*ing it down) and what went from forest trail soon turned into a mudfest.  I have Panaracer XC Pro tyres which are excellent in the mud but even they slid in the conditions.

All that climbing was soon rewarded with an excellent decent down the back of Moel Famu which was pretty scary as you just couldn't stick to one line because of the mud.  Once down, the climb started again and this time it was a KILLER.  In fact it was such a tough climb i stopped and forgot to unclip which resulted in a small crash.

But what goes up must come down and this time it was MUDDY.  As the picture on the left shows I think I need a mud catcher on the front of the bike......  The funniest moment of the day was watching me try to get onto a wide wooden walkway which was a little bit slippy and BOOM the bike went down and I managed an Army Roll off the bike.  The final sections were a mix of cow muck and mud which believe me DOES NOT taste good.  In fact, it didn't smell too good either and only a very hot shower got rid of the smell.

Stats for the Ride:

17.79 miles
10.01mph average
3,501feet of climbing
Calories 1,003

In terms of weight loss tomorrow is the final weigh in for the clubs Biggest Loser competition.  So far I have lost nearly a stone.  When i started it I weighed 16st 4lbs and last week I was down to 15st 5lbs so only one pound to go and i am praying that tomorrow morning I climb on the scales and actually be 15st 4lbs.  My next goes is to get down to 14stone.........

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