Sunday, 6 February 2011

Welsh Mud

At the end wet and very muddy
Today the mountain bike section of North Cheshire Clarion were supposed to be taking on the trails in Coed Llandegla however the recent stormy weather put paid to that and with approximately 100 trees being blown down onto the trails the centre was closed.  A quick couple of phone calls on Saturday night and a n ew cross country route was decided upon.  Four of us met and Tim ( a new member) who knew the route well so we all followed.  The route was a mix of tarmac and rocky/muddy bridleways and the first climb let us know straight away what we were in for.  The wind was incredibly strong and was cutting across us forcing us into the banks next to us.  As we climbed we ended up with the wind behind and in all the time I have been doing this sport I have never been pushed uphill by the wind until today.

What goes up must come down and oooohhhh boy did it come down.  A very very fast rocky decent which saw the riders flying down some fantastic single track over loose rocks which made it an adrenaline pumping decent.  Once down, back up we went onto the moors.  Tim decided he was head over heals,. literally, about the mud.  His front wheel went into a very very deep rut and all we saw was feet sticking up.  Luckily he was ok but shortly after the dreaded P***ture happened on his bike.  A quick feed and inner tube change and we were back on the way being blown every which way but straight. 

Another couple of amazing descents (one of which threw a rock into my shin which hurt a lot) and a lot more uphill and we were back at the car park.  Stats for this ride:

  • 14.63 miles;
  • Average Speed 8.08mph (not bad considering the wind);
  • Fastest Speed 31.46mph (told you they were fast rocky decents);
  • Total Climb 1,899 feet
The climbs were big the descents were fast and furious I really really enjoyed this ride and cant wait to do it in summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Big roast dinner now thanks to my great wife.

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  1. Have you tried roads? They're much easier... ;-)