Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Can't spell Sufferfest without Suffer

To help kick start my training I have set up my road bike on a turbo trainer in my spider infested garage.  Tonight, full of energy and oozing in belief that I am fitter than I think I returned from work and jumped straight onto the trainer.  Through social meetings with North Cheshire Clarion I have discovered a very good training programme called Sufferfest.  Sufferfest produce a number of videos to help with indoor training whether on turbo trainers or exercise bikes.  I have two of their programmes "Downward Spiral" and "Fight Club", which are basically videos of various forms of cycling set to interval training type exercise. 

Tonight it was the turn of Fight Club which according to the website is "designed to build power over longer distances while building leg speed".  In total I was on the bike for about an hour and have never sweated as much as I did then.  Using my heart rate monitor my heart rate peaked at about 172bpm and reduced to 140 during the recovery laps which I assume is a good thing?

In terms of diet, Breakfast was not that bad and I actually enjoyed the fruit and yoghurt, I chucked a few oats on top though.  Lunch consisted on home-made vegetable soup and oatcakes with some fruit.  Dinner (lovingly prepared by my wife while I "suffered" in the garage was baked Salmon, half a baked potato, cabbage and carrots (both steamed).  Snacks are again fruit (two apples & two oranges).  Due to the high intensity cardio work out, I am now pretty peckish and about to dive into the fridge for a little yoghurt and fruit and I might even treat myself to some honey. 

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