Monday, 31 January 2011

Happy weigh-in day

 Today was weigh in day today and I am really happy with another 2lb weight loss, taking me from 15st 13lbs to 15st 11lbs, clearly the climbs in Rivington assisted.  I also like to think the lack of cake and biscuits as well as fizzy drinks has helped.  I have noticed that in general I feel more awake and can concentrate more without feeling bloated and sickly most of the day. 

Myself and the wife have got into the habit of working out a meal plan for a week down to the littlest item. This week is porridge or scrambled egg on toast for breakfast a small sandwich, or soup for lunch and either fish, veg and potato for tea or chicken.  It has helped in keeping us from from last minute decisions which used to be take away's. 

Got a week of heavy training this week as yesterday really annoyed me with failing on the final climb..  So this week its spinning bike for a week - Sufferfest here I come!

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