Sunday, 16 January 2011

Detox over - Retox began

My training on the turbo trainer has come to an abrupt end.  Thursday night while sitting the garage, I looked down and noticed the swinging action at the bottom bracket and this made me think of the weight that was sitting on the bike while being suspended by two holders and decided I didn't like what I was seeing. 

I put on the clubs forum that I was looking for an exercise bike and a fantastic member, Phil, answered the call with a spinning bike he had available.  I picked up the bike, thanks to my neighbour and another North Cheshire Clarion member Steve (a man with a van), and set it up in our conservatory.  I now plan to use the bike most nights for at least an hour doing a mix of interval and base mileage.

My plan on going on the road ride on Saturday began and ended very quickly when I looked out the window and saw the rain coming down the street sideways.  Struggling with fitness anyway, I thought that climbing back into bed was probably the best strategy.

The detox has now ended (especially after Saturday nights visit to friends where lots of good food and fine Jack Daniels were excessively consumed).  What have I learned about the detox:

  • Vegetables are not the enemy and can be consumed without meat;
  • Fruit and yoghurt for breakfast is actually very nice; and
  • Porridge made with water instead of milk is vile and should never be consumed.
In terms of weight loss, until tomorrow mornings "cub weigh in" I'm not sure.  My clothes don't feel as tight but the image in the mirror does not look that different.   I can honestly say that through the detox I didn't cheat once especially as a good friend once told me "the only person you're lying to is the man in the  mirror". 

Moving forward we have a week of normal eating ahead but keeping some aspects of the detox.  Soup for lunch, fruit for breakfast and small portions in the evening.  Mix this diet with lots of exercise and I am hoping to see good results next week.

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