Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Weight Yo-yo

Well the second weigh in didn't go to plan.  Going from 16st 6lbs to 15st 13lbs in one week had left me hopeful that the following week would see me lose another few pounds especially with fruit and veg detox diet.  Ohhhh how wrong can one person be, the scales tipped in at 16st 4lbs, which is a 2lb drop over the two weeks but an increase in weight over the week.

There are a number of possible reasons for this:
  1. I was not consuming enough of the right food and therefore my body went into shock and retained everything that went in;
  2. Water retention.  This sounds really horrible but I don't remember going for a wee very often.
As the diet ended with a big blow out my body seemed to react by shedding weight again.  I jumped out the shower this morning and saw a difference in the person in the mirror instantly.  Jumping on the scales showed my weight to be 15st 9lbs which is a big differance compared to yesterdays morning result.  I am at a loss to explain and maybe a new set of scales might required.

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